the teacher motivation course

no nonsense, just what helps: the knowledge and practices you need to love your work again

I'm in the process of creating an all-online, schedule-friendly professional development course for teachers like me. Here's what you'll learn from the course:

  • Memorable, no-nonsense practices for depressurizing your mind, emotions, body, and social circle. Most of the work for teachers in these areas is ridden with fluff and remarkably disorganized, so that "self-care" becomes a topic that can actually create stress! This won't be like that.
  • How to undertake simple, profound habit-shaping experiments. We'll look at proven methods for dropping unhelpful habits and picking up the ones you want.
  • How to create the conditions that cultivate your own motivation. For the first time, I'll help you examine how to cultivate the five key beliefs beneath student motivation... in yourself.
  • The handful of lenses that I use to obsessively simplify my craft. It's difficult to love something that is hopelessly complex. We've got to simplify! I'll let you behind the curtain to show you how I habitually do this.
  • Learn how to help your own will to teach by encouraging your colleagues. It's a great thing to give courage! Let's unpack the science and skill of it a bit.

Plain and simple, this course is going to help you create a more motivated, joyful context within which to work, and it's going to leave you with tools and frameworks for being an agent for sanity in your setting. You'll teach from a more settled and grounded place, and that'll yield fruits that make it even easier to love what you do, come what may.

The course will be optimized for busy people like you and me -- all substance, no fluff, with links to resources for those who wish to nerd out or dig deeper. It'll be possible to do it using nothing but an internet connection and a journal, but there will also be a discussion forum for those seeking to work out course concepts in community. Certificates of completion indicating 10 hours of professional development will be awarded by request. Video lessons are designed to be completed in as little as 10 minutes per day.

I plan to open enrollment for a limited time in early 2021, with spots going to the first 500 folks who register once the course opens. People in this initial group will also receive a discounted price and access to an exclusive "Ask Me Anything" webinar.

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