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I speak at events and for different groups all across the country, but have realized that my message is limited to only the people in those rooms, and even then, it is limited to only an hour of my time. After much thought (and after having received many requests), I am currently writing a book - not an autobiography, but a book that incorporates my stories in a way to deliver messages and teachings with the intent of adding value to people's lives.

Too many people never achieve what they are truly capable of. This book is about human potential - your potential - and what it really takes to achieve at the highest levels of performance, attain success, and feel a profound sense of fulfillment.

I am excited about the possibilities of your potential! My hope is that, through reading about my various experiences, you will be able to see some of your own challenges in a different light - more as opportunities instead of as obstacles - and realize that...

"we are all capable of WAY MORE than we give ourselves credit for!"

This book is expected to be released in the spring 2017, and I will be giving some of them away for FREE! So please submit your email address and join me on this journey, as I will be making a random draw of 15 people IMMEDIATELY upon printing, and will send you a signed copy as a gift from me... Hot off the press!

I hope this message finds you well - happy, healthy, and inspired! :-)

Smiles... Heather

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