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I have only given The Role of a Lifetime talk once before, in my hometown of Hamilton, Ontario back in 2013. My mother walked in during the tail end of the talk, and it was the perfect moment. She got to see her son do what he does best, and I got to share that with her at the same time.

To this day it is one of my most memorable talks because of how personal it was.

Productivity needs to be personal too. The term "personal productivity" has been truncated to remove the "personal" aspect from it. My mission is to put the "personal" back into "personal productivity" in organizations large and small because even though business isn't always personal, productivity is.

But personal productivity needs to go beyond business. It's part of the overall tapestry of our lives.

My goal with this 7 day free course is to help you enhance your awareness, build the capture habit, and foster trust in your personal productivity approach. It's based on my initial work with nearly 100 one-to-one coaching clients and I know that if you complete the homework every day then you will pair your intention up with your attention in a way that will level up your personal productivity...and your life.

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Mike Vardy
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