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Strategic Planning For Your Best Year - Align Your Dreams, Goals, & Actions

Hi! We're Renée and Lynne, the co-founders of Everyday Creative!

And We're so happy you're that you're ready to get serious about the strategy for your business!

Over the course of three days you'll get everything you need in three separate workbooks to dig into your business, clarify your goals and dreams, and come up with the strategic actions that will guide you toward achieving those goals.

We've broken the process down into three steps that are concrete and clear.

We've included some tips, guiding questions, and support materials for each part of the process to help ensure you have what you need to create a clear plan for yourself.

And the process works - here is what Lauren, a cookbook author and recipe developer, shared about how she felt BEFORE going through the strategic planning process: "I felt quite overwhelmed with the direction of my business this year and how to prioritize creative processes with building revenue streams. I couldn't just have all my ideas floating around, I needed a concrete road map forward."

And here is what Lauren is saying now that she has COMPLETED her strategic plan for the year: "I have a tangible guide that I post on my wall and carry around with me. It dictates my planning and scheduling for the weeks and days proactively and forward looking rather than reacting to what I thought I could get done first. I have already started work on a new product line and created content to build subscriber lists."

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Create a plan for your year to achieve your dreams for your business - in just 3 days