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Is Kumon Right For Your Family?


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Is Kumon Right For Your Family?

Maths Insider's Essential Kumon Checklist

Based on my time running a Kumon center; the interactions I’ve had with fellow parents, teachers and readers of my blog; and reading and answering lots of queries about Kumon on parenting message boards; I realized that there was a desperate need for families to fully work through the different pros and cons of Kumon, the world’s largest supplementary math program. It’s obvious that Kumon works well for some families and is truly a waste of time, money and energy for others.

This FREE Kumon Checklist taken directly from my Ultimate Kumon Review book includes:

  • The essential questions that you need to be asking local Kumon parents
  • Key questions to ask the Kumon instructor both over phone when you’re booking the appointment and in person,
  • Important things to look out for when you visit your local Kumon center(s)

The Ultimate Kumon Review book contains further information, checklists and questionnaires which will put you in an excellent position to decide if Kumon is the right choice for your child, but this FREE Essential Kumon checklist will put you way ahead in the decision making process.

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