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Content Marketing Crash Course Breakdown

1. What is content marketing?

  • Defining content marketing
  • Changing the way you communicate

2. Starting your content marketing journey

  • A step by step guide to successfully start your content marketing journey
  • Consuming, curating and creating content

3. Changing consumer behaviour & the zero moment of truth

  • The impact of changing consumer behaviour
  • How to use content marketing to get more customers

4. Generating ideas for your content marketing

  • The who, what, where, when, why and how of content marketing
  • 10+ ideas for generating ideas for your content

5. How Google works

  • Simplifying Search Engine Optimisation
  • The importance of thinking like your potential customers

6. Creating your own case studies

  • How to research what’s going on in your industry sector
  • Generating more ideas for content marketing & keeping your finger on the pulse

7. What to expect from content marketing

  • Debunking the big myth in content marketing
  • Mapping out exactly what to expect from your content marketing efforts

8. Creating a rich source of content

  • What a rich source of content is and why you need to create your own content
  • The importance of your website & consistency in content marketing

9. Return on investment

  • How to calculate the ROI of content marketing
  • A look at the best metrics to measure

10. A commitment to content marketing

  • What is really takes to create a content marketing programme
  • How to move forward and implement content marketing in your business

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