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The Networker

A how-to, toolbox novel.

Industry legend Tom 'Big Al' Shcreiter says:

"I read The Networker in one sitting - I could relate to so many of the trials and triumphs Sally goes through on her network marketing journey. How Sally masters her mindset and the books she reads make this a priceless reading experience for any network marketer. The story format makes this book easy reading even for the newest distributor. Recommend they read it."

Sally McAllister has lost all faith she can ever get her business off the ground. She just can't grow a team. It's alright for those people who 'made it to the top'! They never had to deal with these sorts of problems...

Or did they?

Join Sally on her journey, as she tackles the obstacles that stop most people building their network marketing business.

Can she discover the heart and guts it takes to succeed?

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"I'm surprised this book wasn't written years ago!"