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Many developers, sysadmins, and other technical people encounter Bash every single day. Bash is the default shell on pretty much any system with a shell. It's everywhere. Bash programs are usually glue code, but it's so much powerful than that.

Learning Bash will instantly make you a better and more versatile developer. This is increasingly more important as more developers are expected to maintain build pipelines, deploy programs, build docker containers, and even orchestrate entire systems. There is also more you can do on your one machine from automating your digital photography workflow to managing your work environment.

Programmers have their go-to toolchain. They know it like the back of their hand. They can solve most problems with ease and know how to approach new problems. Bash Bootcamp is designed to make Bash part of your go-to tool chain.

Bash Bootcamp is results oriented. It removes the mysticism around Bash and turns you into an efficient and productive Bash programmer. You'll learn best practices for structuring programs, option parsing, argument handling, mastering the core utils, along with advanced topics like Test Driven Development (yes it is possible!) and building complex programs.

I wrote this book because there have been two major pivot points in my engineering career. First came TDD. Second came Bash. I want you to have the same power.

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