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Living With an Ugly Light Because You Don't Know How to Replace it? (I Can Help!)

Replacing a Light Fixture

Step-by-Step Guide, Just For You!

You have a light you really can’t stand, but you don’t have anyone who can help you change it out. You are scared to mess with electrical wiring and I get that!

I was scared of anything to do with electricity for quite a while. Then I started working on light switches and outlets and lights and I found out it’s really quite fun. So why are we scared? Well, I know why I was scared- I am clumsy!

On top of that, I always have to do everything at supersonic speed, which makes me even clumsier. I just had this feeling that I would touch the opposing wires together by accident and I would end up electrocuted!!!

You probably are afraid of that as well. I’m here to tell you that I haven’t electrocuted myself and doing this project is actually quite easy! So, here’s the scoop (with lots of pictures so you can see what I’m doing at each step). Please subscribe to get the full tutorial....

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