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New trends, technologies and markets create successful new companies. The best ones end up on an IPO path. It's a perfect time to give them a closer look and see which ones might make good investments.

To that end we provide the following:

  • Analysis and commentary around current offerings. Often we include a full valuation analysis to help with entry/exit points.
  • Weekly special alerts on stock events like quiet periods ending or lockup agreements expiring.
  • An archive of IPO roadshow slide decks and in some cases full transcripts of the management presentations.
  • Special sector reports where we look at areas like software, healthcare, consumer and the internet to highlight performance and opportunities. We also run a special "broken candy" report that looks at high quality deals that have stumbled or fallen between the cracks of investor and analyst attention.

We remind everyone that what we do is for educational and entertainment purposes only. Everyone should have an expert financial advisor to assist with investments and no IPO investment should ever be made without carefully considering the prospectus.

Visit us at http://ipocandy.com to see more about us and what we do.

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