Elfrida just graduated from the Space Corps Academy.

Her first job: staying alive.


The first action-packed Elfrida Goto adventure will launch you on a journey into the thrilling world of the Sol System Renegades, the best-selling series by Felix R. Savage.

Elfrida Goto was expecting a holiday on Ganymede. Not a vermin hunt.

The colony is plagued by rogue genetically engineered critters, and the newly-minted Space Corps agents are expected to pitch in. Elfrida and her best friend take up the challenge, but the hunt turns into a nightmarish ordeal when they get lost in the subterranean caverns.

And, worst of all … they’re not alone.

In this explosive prequel to the Sol System Renegades series, Elfrida Goto’s first assignment takes her to the underbelly of the solar system, where nice girls finish last.


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