You have a great crowdfunding idea. Are people willing to pay for it?

42% of crowdfunding projects fail, all because the creator put all their energy into the product, without ever thinking if they are solving a real need that people will pay. If no one is willing to for your idea, then your effort put into making, marketing and launching your campaign is wasted.

People pay for solutions,not ideas

Here's a true story.

Segway is a self-balancing personal transportation device with two wheels. The company thought it would sell out at 10,000 machines per week on its website. After all, who wouldn't want this cool gizmo right?

Turns out they didn't sell anywhere close to 10,000 units.

The problem was that they failed to identify a problem before creating the Segway. Did they really expect people to ride an odd looking bike without trying or training?

The same mistake is made all the time by crowdfunding project creators who are puzzled that their marketing efforts don't drive meaningful sales.

Start with the customer

So before you launch your idea on Kickstarter, it only makes sense to start understanding your customer right from the start. You'll want to see how your great idea can solve their problems. Even better, you'll end up being able to solve their problems so well, that they will just say: "Shut Up And Take My Money!"

Look for them in the right places

All great crowd funding campaigns begin with customer discovery. Customer discovery is the process of capturing your customer’s perspectives – do they care? What do they care about? How much do they care?

But you'll need to know where to find them.

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