Lunar Light Oracle eCourse

Moon Oracle Divination Free eCourse (Value £38)

Learn how to read your Oracle Cards with the cycle of the moon

Get greater insight and depth in your card readings.

Each phase of the moon has a certain energetic quality. You can tap into this energy to get greater insight and meaning in your card readings.

By creating space to consciously tap into your intuition during the moon phases, you emphasise to yourself, and the Universe, that you are ready to follow the guidance and wisdom of the natural rhythms of nature, your intuition and the Divine Feminine.

Feel fully aligned and connected!

You will learn:

  • A brief history of divination and archetypes
  • The difference between oracle and tarot cards - and which you should use
  • Connecting With Your Cards - What you should do when you get a new deck of cards
  • Using Your Cards - How to use, store and cleanse your cards
  • Lunar Love - Why the moon is important and how to find where we are in the moon cycle
  • Five Moon Spreads - Moon spreads for each of the four main phases of the moon
  • Bonus Content - The Energy of the New Moons throughout the year, so you can supercharge your divination skills
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