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Learn to Zentangle with us!

Join the #ZenArtChallenge

Fun, Free, Relax: Learn to Zentangle with us!

Zentangle is such a fun art form that I believe anyone can do. I believe you ARE an artist and can impress yourself and your friends, our group will prove that to you. My favorite part of Zentangle is just how relaxing it is and how it can slowly take away the stresses of a busy day.

The #ZenArtChallenge is a free online group where we give you the step by step prompts to learn a tangle a day. It's so easy to start creating your own Zen Doodles! Plus when you join our group you will get bonus tips to get you started and be inspired by the other 1000's of members sharing their designs! We are a totally fun, inspirational, creative and most of all supportive group!

Want to join the #ZenArtChallenge and get started today! Sign up here and the private link to our group plus a few tips to get you started will be emailed to you.

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Sign up here and we will send you the link to our private group!

We can't wait to see your artist creations!

I am so excited you have joined the #ZenArtChallenge! Don't know where to start? It's ok! I have you covered! Grab our Challenge Workbook and get tips to get you started, worksheetsto get started right away and the step by step directions how to draw each daily tangle! I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed creating it for you! ~ Heather