Licensing & QRIS for Montessori Schools

Free tools to help you pass inspection while staying true to Montessori ideals!

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ith this free toolkit, you can get a good rating and have a beautiful Montessori school.

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All you need is a few tools and a strategy for supporting your classrooms. I have it all for you right here!

Licensing & QRIS for Montessori Schools:

  • Pre-licensing checklist to prepare your classrooms for an inspection.
  • Context on child care licensing and why regulations are so challenging.
  • Guidance on how to use your licensing checklist as a tool for teacher coaching and support.
  • Detailed explaination of how state Quality Rating and Improvement Systems work
  • Crosswalk of Montessori principles with common QRIS standards.
  • Access to national resources defining what makes a program "Montessori."
  • Ideas for advocating for your school at a local and state level.

Everything you need to set your school up for success with licensing and QRIS is right here!

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