Your very own budget + tracking tool


Want a new & improved way to rock your money?

Available in Excel & Google Sheets*

Here are the highlights:

  • Yearly Budget tab – make a few entries, everything else pulls from the monthly sheets.
  • 12 Monthly Budget tabs – make your entries using receipts, credit card statements, financial app, and so on.
  • Net Profit tab – shows your monthly profit/loss with totals to show your progression.
  • Example tab
  • In-depth instruction guide – 20 pages to work at your own pace!

*both available in FTD Library

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  • Spreadsheets to track other areas of your finances that will be added in the future.

The Benefits of using my Budget & Tracking Spreadsheet:

- Firm grasp of your financial well-being

- History of all transactions - as much detail as you want to keep

- Add as many expense buckets as you want to further define where you spend your money

- Know exactly: take-home pay, expenses, surplus/ you never have to guess

- Ability to analyze how each variable impacts your overall budget

- Quick way to know if you are over/under budget and in what category

- A useful foundation of data for the creation of other types of spreadsheets (ie. determining how you will divide contributions into savings and investments)

- Modifiable to fit your changing needs

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