True Beauty

Balancing Fitness, Beauty, Health & Loving God

8 Week Private Faith&Fitness Group

A group unlike any other you've seen!

For years I bounced back and forth.

Healthy eating vs. comfort food, trying to look my "best" vs.. having a "it doesn't matter" attitude.

I didn't want to be vain or worry what others thought, but sleepless nights, baby weight, stress of adoption, and parenting was adding up. I KNEW I needed a change, but HOW could I do it in a healthy way that honored God?

I'll teach you what I have learned in over 25 years of my faith journey and 18 years of parenting.

FACTS: You'll receive one informational email and just 2 follow-up emails to discuss if it's right for you.

You'll get:

●Nutritional education to empower you with choices.
8 week fuel-focused exclusive meal plan straight from my kitchen.
●Private coaching in an 8 week exercise program.
●Bible study and devotions on beauty & confidence.
●Live weekly videos to empower and encourage you.

●Equipping you to live confidently, lead your daughters or your friends.

It's time to lead up, Ladies! Let's do this.

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