Does CSS frustrate you?

Learn to create a stylish interface quickly with Twitter Bootstrap.

If multi-column layouts and other CSS oddities frustrate you...'ll enjoy Bootstrap. Seriously. It makes great layouts easy.

A lot of my developer friends can write great code, but struggle with CSS. That's where Bootstrap comes in. Actually, I know CSS really well and still like to use Bootstrap on some projects to save time.

Here's what we'll cover in the 30 minute video tutorial:

  • Creating stylish tables
  • Using buttons
  • Simple navigation
  • Adding breadcrumbs

...and quite a bit more. All with a real world example so you can get the best experience. Just add your email address on the right so I can know where to send the video.


P.S. Signup for the 30 day course. I've got some great content in there. :)

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