The Essential Guide to Setting Your Fees

- a worksheet for therapist's in private practice -

What if setting fees...could be easy?

I've surveyed and talked to hundreds of therapists in private practice and these are the three primary feelings therapists experience when setting their fees:

Guilt. Fear. Shame


You're a sensitive person. You care about your clients. You want to help people. You've struggled a lot with your own self worth. These are important issues to explore

- in your own therapy.

But when it comes to setting your fee, you've gotta set fees that will allow you to create a sustainable business.

You're not a math major. I get it. SooooOOOOOo... just for therapists, I created the 'Fun with Fees' worksheet + Video Guide.

Download the worksheet + video and you'll learn:

  • Exactly what your fee needs to be in order to pay current bills + future lifestyle goals
  • How to incorporate a sliding scale fee spot
  • What kind of schedule you need so you can create a thriving practice for your clients - and for you!

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You're just one step away from figuring out your fees once and for all.

What a frickin' relief!

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