Get the Top 3 Tools I Used To Grow My Email List

(Pssst...I'm using one RIGHT NOW)

No more "sales-y" Consults?!

Yes. It's possible.

Imagine having a new full-fee client call you and say, "I want to work with YOU."

What would it mean to bypass the sales pitch, that awkward experience of selling yourself on phone call after phone call as potential clients compare you to the 20 other therapists on their list?!

That would be brilliant, right?!

Well, this is what your email list is all about!

It's about giving the the clients who need you a chance to build a relationship with you before they ever pick up the phone to call you. By giving your ideal clients the opportunity to opt-in to your practice's email list and learn about you over time, you are giving them the chance to overcome whatever anxiety, shame, or fear they may have about meeting a stranger.

So, let's start building your email list!

In this PDF, I'll share:

  • 1. The software I use to collect emails and create an email series to attract..well, people like YOU.
  • 2. The tool I use to create awesome opt-in templates like the ones you see on my site.
  • 3. The site I use to create awesome graphics for all of my PDF's, blogs and web design.
  • + A mysteriiooOOOOooous bonus tool. (Hey! Get yer head out of the gutter!)

I've packaged this all up in a short, sweet, easy-to read one-page PDF Guide.

And yes -- you're welcome.

Give me the Guide, woman!

Give me the Tools

List builder tools pdf header

+ Create a Form

+ Create an Email Series

+ Design Wicked Cool Graphics

==> And Serve Your Future Clients!