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Know, Like, Trust... Research* has shown women trust those who show up consistently, show they care, and are competent. Managing our emotional levels directly links to consistent service, leading to happy clients who willingly refer you to others.

Learn your Emotional Intelligence levels, show up consistenty & earn trust faster. In just 20-minutes, discover yourself in 15 new ways: learn how to manage your emotions, be empathetic & assertive - and gain more clients who trust you...


Take the (Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQ-i) online, and receive your personalized 21-page results report. Learn how to balance assertiveness with empathy, how stress tolerance supports ease and flow, how to improve your relationships, all factors to increasing your confidence. Clients trust those who show confidence & deliver great service - consistently. (*Centre for Creative Leadership research.)

Your EI report is professionally debriefed via telephone, to ensure complete clarity and identify success opportunities. (Select from either a Workplace Report for individual contributors, or a Leaders Report for business owners/leaders.)

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