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28 Day Golden Lifestyle Challenge

Notice your life is just passing you by? Every day just seems like a blur and you feel like you're losing grasp of yourself?

This is how I was feeling. Suffering from clinical(major) depression, living the same day over and over again, I was losing myself. I had lost vision in one of my eyes during a trip overseas, and was laid off shortly after. I was irritable, lacked energy, and was also very lethargic with no passion.

One day I said to myself: "This is not the way I want to live my life. I need to be inspired to be better, and be happier!"

And thus I created this 28 Days to a New Life Challenge;

aka: 28 Day Golden LIfestyle Challenge!

It's golden because I want to begin to look past the silver lining in everything and dig a bit deeper.

Each day I gave myself a challenge to do, something to think about, or something physical. It varied because I wanted to keep my interest in it. I kept a daily journal to track my progress and give myself something to look back on. Some days were extremely hard, some were easy.

But, by the end of it, I found myself more grateful, more patient, more happy.

Everyone told me I was beginning to look better.

Doesn't that sound great? Do you want to join me in my new life?

Everything is being finalized shortly, but leave your email! I'll let you know when registration opens up!

I look forward to meeting and working with each and every one of you!

Think of it as a refresher to refresh your outlook on life!

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