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Would it be helpful to have a guide to help you through the process of getting ready to study abroad?

My name is Dana Yost, founder and author at Spark True Living. I attend the University of Colorado, majoring in Japanese. When I wanted to study abroad, my school's resources were helpful, but I still felt like I had to figure out a lot of things on my own. So now, I want to help other students gain some clarity on their next steps.

I am working on creating a FREE mini-course online that will cover important topics to consider and prepare for if you want to study abroad. It is not comprehensive, but it should cover the important details that apply to most programs and locations.

My mission is to encourage interest and confidence in studying abroad by breaking down the process, so that hopefully it will not so seem nebulous or overwhelming, and can empower students to move forward with their preparation for an awesome experience with confidence and clarity.

If this kind of resource interests you, or if you have already been on a study abroad program and would like to help, please enter your email below. This project is going to happen fast, hopefully, so I need all the help I can get. I want to launch it within the month of January if possible.

I am looking for students who are interested in taking the course because they want to study abroad, and students or alumni who have already been abroad and would like to offer some of their experience to help others. I will get back to you with details if you join me!

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  • Tell me about questions, concerns, or obstacles to studying abroad.
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