Your Career
Your Way

What if you didn't have to work so hard to earn the success you deserve?

Work hard. Now work just a bit harder. Give more. Do more. Prove yourself...

Every woman knows that if you work hard enough you'll be rewarded; or will you?

Doing more isn't what makes you stand out; it won't get you promoted, and unfortunately, it's not really valued.

If extra degrees & certification, 10-12h workdays, and juggling 3 projects at once isn't the answer,

what will it take to be really successful?

Ready to work smarter ≠ harder?


Your Career Your Way -

A 6-week accelerator series designed to help smart, driven women show up powerfully, and develop the executive skills they need to succeed on their own terms.

  • Learn what to say no & yes to - create focus and define right for you
  • Articulate your value confidently & unabashedly,
  • Build a brand that speaks to who you are on & offline
  • Grow your social capital to open doors & access the opportunities you need to succeed.

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