#InstaPhotoMission Photo Challenge

7 days to take interesting photos in your city

What about a photo challenge?

Photo Challenge aims to develop creativity, practise your photography skills and allows you to connect with like-minded people.

How it works:

Every morning for 7 days I will be sending an email with a topic of the day and all you need to do is to take a photo that fits the topic and post it on your Instagram with a hashtag #instaphotomission

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Join 300+ people on a mission to capture the city you live in from a different angle. I promise you it will be a lot of fun!

What people say:

'I'd like to thank @katya_jackson for this photo challenge. It inspired me n challenged how I took photos n I had lots of fun.' - @cherylewenin

'It's been a fun week and I would sure sign up for another Mission with @katya_jackson' - @xblaux

'More importantly, thanks big time to @katya_jackson for organising the #instaphotomission. Maybe we can do another one this winter?' - @clutteredxthoughts

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