Imagine gourmet hot protein rinks

...that you can make in five minutes or less, with five ingredients or less that you can get at your local store!

Hot protein drinks by Bariatric Foodie!

Inspired by BariatricPal Protein One

Winter is coming. (Insert Game of Thrones reference!)

But seriously...when it's cold outside, there's no better way to get your protein than with a delicious, warm drink.

That's why I've made this mini-ebook of recipes inspired by BariatricPal's new Protein One supplement. But why Protein One? Simple:

  • It's got 27g of protein per serving
  • 28 vitamins and minerals
  • 5g of fiber
  • And it mixes into hot drinks like a dream!

So that means whether you've been making hot drinks for years, or are new to the game, you will be able to successfully make a delicious hot protein drink that meets your protein, vitamin and fiber needs using Protein One!

And now you've got some starter recipes try try as well. Get yours today! (File comes by email, click through to gimme your address so I can send it to you!)

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Hot nutella drink

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