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The Revamp Challenge is for you if:

(Do any of these ring a bell?)

  • You're just starting out and you have no idea how to make the platform work for you;
  • Your message is getting lost in the sea of overcrowded hashtags and voices;
  • Your feed just refuses to feel cohesive;
  • You have no idea what to post and so every new picture is different;
  • You love taking photos but editing is an absolute pain;
  • You keep posting but nobody seems to care?
you got me!

Join the Revamp Challenge to learn:

  • How to narrow down your focus and find your big idea
  • To stand out in your own niche & find your audience
  • Finding your theme style and stick to it
  • Editing tips & tricks to improve your photos
  • The 4 pillars of quality content and how to implement them
  • The secret of organic engagement
  • Storytelling methods and tools and what you can do with them!
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